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Static of a particle

Static is a branch of mechanics that studies the forces acting on objects that are at rest. The static is particularly important in the construction of buildings, bridges, viaducts and other...

Moment of a force

The moment of a force is a measure of the tendency of a body to rotate around an axis due to application of a force.

Center of mass

Center of mass is the point of a particle system that moves as if all the mass and external forces are concentrated on it.

Static of solids

There are two simple ways of movement in a rigid system: translation and rotation. Any other possible form of movement, as complex it may be, can always be considered as the combination of a...

Mechanical equilibrium

Depending on the forces acting on a body, this disturbance can lead to different behaviors.

Simple machines

A simple mechanical machine is a device that changes the direction or/and magnitude of a force. A simple machine can be defined as the most simple mechanism which can provide mechanical advantage.



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